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UltraTech® lined water feature for the King of Morocco's
summer palace golf course, Skhirat, Morocco.

Q. What is UltraTech®?

A. UltraTech® is a polymeric flexible membrane liner formulated using state-of-the-art polymers, resin modifiers, and stabilizers forming a geomembrane with the best combination of physical properties available today.

Q. Can UltraTech® be left exposed to the sun and elements?

A. UltralTech® has been specifically designed for exposed applications. Its combination of ingredients has been compounded for applications requiring exposed conditions. UltraTech® has been subjected to accelerated testing up to 10,000 hours, assuring retention of physical properties after years of exposure and weathering.

Q. Is UltraTech® resistant to petroleum products?

A. UltraTech® has been tested with many different petroleum products, including diesel fuel, kerosene, naptha, crude oil, etc., and proven to be very resistant to the migration of these products through the liner.

Q. Why isn't UltraTech® 60 mils thick?

A. Unlike polyethylene, which is made thicker because of its physical property restrictions, UltraTech® is designed to provide strength and elongation without requiring added thickness to accommodate the grinding and welding procedure required for HPDE. Field performance of UltraTech® is comparable to polyethylene liners of twice the thickness.

Q. Will UltraTech® stress crack?

A. UltraTech® has an amorphous structure, as opposed to the crystalline structure of polyethylene liners. Therefore, UltraTech® is not subject to crazing or stress cracking from heating, high thermal expansion, or localized stress concentration geometries which adversely affect polyethylene liners.

Q. Can UltraTech® be used for aquaculture?

A. The UltraTech® formulation is suitable for aquaculture applications. Colors other than black are also available on a special order basis.

Q. What size are UltraTech® panels?

A. UltraTech® can be custom fabricated to your specific job size requirements. Panel sizes are only limited by the weight that can be efficientlly handled at the job site. Panels up to 30,000 square feet are available, thereby eliminating up to 70% of field seams. Custom fabricated, irregular shaped panels also save you time and money.

Q. How is UltraTech® welded?

A. UltraTech® can be Thermally welded or chemically welded to form a homogeneous bond between adjacent sheets of material.

Q. Is is necessary to grind the surface of UltraTech® to weld seams?

A. Unlike polyethylene, which must be abraded on the surface prior to welding. UltraTech® only needs to be wiped clean of any dust or moisture prior to welding. Since grinding is not required, you are assured of having full thickness of the liner in all areas, and need not be concerned about the loss of thickness along each seam.

Q. Is UltraTech® reinforced?

A. UltraTech® is available in 20, 30, and 40 mil thickness as an unsupported membrane. It is also available in a 35 mil thick fabric-reinforced liner.

Q. Can UltraTech® be used as a methane barrier?

A. Tests in accordance with ASTM D-1434 conclude that the permeability coefficient of UltraTech® is one of the lowest available on the market, making it superior to polyethylene as a methane barrier.

Q. Can reinforced UltraTech® be combined with unsupported UltraTech®?

A. Since the two materials are identical compounds, reinforced and unsupported UltraTech® can be heat or chemically welded together to provide the best combination of materials for your containment application. The unsupported UltraTech® provides high elongation with high tensile strength, while the reinforced UltraTech® provides high dimensional stability. No complicated joining procedures are required.

Q. Where is UltraTech® available?

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