PVC Panel Deployment

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EPI specializes in the fabrication of flexible PVC geomembrane liners. The liner materials meet or exceed the PGI 1197 specification which replaces the NSF-54 standard, and are custom fabricated in many shapes and sizes for various applications.  Panels can also be fabricated as "stepped" panels to fit irregularly shaped containments.  This reduces wasted material from conventional rectangular panels.

The liners are accordion folded in two directions. After the liner is fabricated, it is folded onto a wooden pallet. When finished the liner is marked on the top with the necessary information for installation. The liner is also marked with the material type, dimensions, serial number, and the customer's name.

                 PVC Panel Deployment

When unpacking note a long arrow with a shorter arrow on one side. Figure #1 illustrates the markings on top of the liner.

                 PVC Panel Deployment
                     Figure 1.

The long arrow indicates the first direction the liner unfolds off the pallet as shown in Figure #2.

                 PVC Panel Deployment
                     Figure 2.

The short arrow indicates the second direction the liner should unfold to reveal the finished product shown in Figure #3.

                PVC Panel Deployment
                   Figure 3.

EPI marks an L-shaped arrow on every liner fabricated. The short arrow does not always appear on the same side of the long arrow

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