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30 mil PVC is allowed for landfill liners by U.S. EPA Regulation ~ the same U.S. EPA regulation that requires HDPE to be TWICE as thick as PVC in the same application!

United States Environmental Protection Agency

2003 CFR Title 40, Volume 22  or click here for 258.40 "Design Criteria"

§ 258.40 also located at

40 CFR Ch. I (7–§ 258.29 1–02 Edition)

Subpart D—Design Criteria

§ 258.40 Design criteria.

(b) ... composite liner means a system consisting of two components; the upper component must consist of a minimum 30-mil flexible membrane liner (FML), and the lower component must consist of at least a two-foot layer of compacted soil with a hydraulic conductivity of no more than 1x10-7 cm/sec.   FML components consisting of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shall be at least 60-mil thick.

Here is a representative list of States with regulations using the requirements of EPA 40 CFR - Subpart D - § 258.40.  This list is not meant to be all-inclusive:

USDA Rural Development



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