EPI Factory Fabricated Tapered Sleeve Pipe Boots

Tapered Sleeve Pipe Boot Information

EPI has developed the latest innovation in pipe penetration sealing. We can now provide you with PVC boots with tapered sleeves which will accommodate movement of the pipe or subgrade by up to 3".  Fabricated by EPI using 30 mil PVC, the sleeve is thermally welded to the boot apron. After installation and welding the apron to the main liner, the tapered sleeve can be compressed on both straight and sloped boots, to allow movement of the pipe or soil without damage to the boot.

Straight Pipe Loop

Straight Pipe Boot                                                            

Sloped Pipe Boot

Sloped Pipe Boot                                 

Boot Installation Instructions:

Step 1:

Prepare the subgrade around the area of the pipe. The sub-grade must be smooth, uniform, and free of any protrusions.

Step 2:

Clean the surface of the liner around the penetration where the boot will be welded in place. Wipe away any dirt or dust particles. The surfaces of the liner, boot, and pipe must be completely clean and dry.

Step 3:

Slide the boot sleeve on the pipe, making sure the boot is aligned and all surfaces are smooth.  It may be necessary to trim the excess tapered portion of the boot sleeve.

Step 4:

Weld the boot apron to the liner using EPI-provided adhesive. Apply the adhesive to the liner and the boot apron. Let the adhesive set up for several seconds before pressing the boot apron and the liner together using a roller. Make sure to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.

Step 5:

Seal the boot sleeve to the pipe using the stainless-steel hose clamps provided. The clamps around the pipe will form a watertight seal to the pipe.

Standard sloped boots will accommodate slopes from 1/1 to 4/1 because of our unique design. Straight or sloped boots are available for all standard-size pipes up to 12" in diameter. Larger sizes can be custom-made. Just give us the diameter of the pipe and the slope angle.

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