Common Challenges and Solutions During Geotextile Installation

Similar to any construction process, geotextile installation can come with its fair share of challenges. However, with the proper materials, a strong team, and proven solutions, your geomembrane installation can overcome these challenges and ensure a successful project. 


Here are some common challenges faced during geotextile installation with proven and successful solutions. 

1. Uneven Surface Preparation

An uneven surface can damage geomembrane liners by possibly puncturing or tearing the liner. The best way to avoid this is by removing debris, rocks, and any other uneven materials prior to the laying of the geotextile fabric. Geomembrane liners need a smooth, stable base to perform at their highest level. 


2. Geotextile Moving and Shifting

Geotextile liners shouldn’t move or shift. It is important to properly anchor and secure the fabric during installation to ensure it stays in place. Any backfill materials should be placed in thin, even layers to limit the potential for shifting. 


3. Inadequate Overlap and Seam Integrity

Proper seam integrity is crucial in ensuring geotextile effectiveness. It is important to overlap seams by a sufficient margin and to secure them with a high-strength sewing or adhesive technique. 


4. Installation in Wet Conditions 

If possible, consider installing geotextile fabrics in dry weather. Geotextiles can become challenging to work with when wet. The fabric can become saturated and lose its effectiveness, along with being hard to handle. 


5. Compatibility with Other Materials 

Ensure that your geotextile choice is compatible with the other materials in your project. Our experts will work with you on your project to ensure that the appropriate geotextile type, grade, and thickness is correct for your specific application, so you don’t have to worry.


6. Environmental Considerations 

When you plan for your geotextile installations be mindful of all environmental regulations and best practices. There are many regulations surrounding the proper disposal of waste materials and adherence to environmental guidelines to minimize a project’s impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Know all the procedures you have to follow so that the installation process runs smoothly with few bumps or setbacks. 


7. Lack of Training and Expertise

To avoid this challenge, ensure you choose an installation team that has adequate training and experience. At EPI we have a network of contractors that have years of experience and outstanding training in installing geotextile materials. We will coordinate the installation process, so it runs smoothly from start to finish. 

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