Coal Ash Basin Closure


coal ash basin closures


Benefits of EPI PVC Geomembranes for Coal Ash Basin Closure and Containment

As we transition toward cleaner energy options, many coal plants are being retired. Under RCRA Subtitle D, more than 500 blackwater and coal ash basins or impoundments are slated for closure in the United States. In order to effect permanent closure, these ash basins will require stable geomembrane liners. While there are two main types of basins used for coal ash storage -- dry storage basins and wet storage basins, the wet basins are the main concern and targets for closure. Because preservation of water quality is the paramount goal for the companies who own the basins, its important to choose the right geomembrane product.

Due to its low cost, durability, and application across multiple industries, 
PVC has been a trusted and preferred choice since the 1950s.
•  Proven record of integrity under extreme conditions
•  Superior flexibility for 3 dimensional performance
•  Can fabricate large panels for up to 80% less field seams 
•  Long term survivability
•  Custom size and shaped panels
PVC fabricated geomembrane liners by EPI are single-ply construction with 
Polyvinyl Chloride as the principle polymer. Only first quality virgin resins are
used and all materials meet or exceed ASTM D7176 minimum specifications*
for materials and ASTM D7408 minimum specifications for seam strength.**
PVC Liners are fabricated by EPI in panel sizes up to 40,000 square feet, 
accordian-folded in both directions, and packaged for shipment to your site
for quick and easy installation to save you time and money.
EPI utilizes statistical process control (SPC) to ensure the quality and integrity 
of each panel we produce. EPI is the only fabricator to remove samples from 
actual factory seams during the welding process for a rigorous, proven testing
procedure that assures you of the hightest quality factory-fabricated PVC 
geomembranes available. 

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