Grand Traverse Crossings


Regulations require that all pollutants in run off water from buildings and parking lots in a new 68 acre retail development must be contained before stormwater can be released into a nearby stream.


30 mil PVC lined stormwater detention ponds developed as part of a massive water feature at Grand Traverse Crossings retail mall.  Walton Excavating used EPI for PVC geomembrane material and installation on this fast track design-build project.

PVC geomembrane was used to line the water features and stormwater ponds to prevent any leakage of water.  Stormwater is released into a natural wetland area after retention in the lined portion of the ponds. Floating aerators were added to aerate the water and add striking visual impact to the entrance to Grand Traverse Crossings. Run off collection ponds are extensively landscaped to add visual excitement to the development.  Water is re-circulated through the water features between storm events. The bubble fountain and water fall add sound to the landscape.

30 mil PVC from EPI made this project affordable and secure.


For more information call 800-OK-LINER today!


For more information, call 800-OK-LINER today!

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