Estelle Farms


Ed Estelle wanted to create a natural looking water garden at the entrance to his home near Gaylord, Michigan.  He had plenty of water from the irrigation system for his potato farm, but the sandy soil would not contain the water.



20 mil PVC geomembrane from EPI.

Ed laid out a free form pond and had a local excavating contractor dig the pond and prepare the site.  EPI measured the pond and fabricated the 20 mil PVC panels to fit the ponds unique shape.

One pine tree was saved in a strategic location to create an illusion of an island surrounded by water.  The earth was excavated around the tree and the area lined with 20 mil PVC.  The addition of water created a dramatic lone pine on a peninsula in the pond.

A 12" wide and 12" deep anchor trench was excavated around the perimeter of the pond to anchor the PVC geomembrane in place during installation of the liner and placement of the 12" of sand cover over the PVC.

EPI's installers, with help from Ed and his workforce, installed the PVC panels, and EPI's technicians completed the welding of all of the panels in one day.

Ed and his wife had thousands of rocks that were removed from their potato farm over many  years of harvesting potatoes.  They used tons of the smaller rocks around the perimeter and in the reflecting areas of their pond. 

Above, larger stones were used to create an beautiful rock and flower garden buffer along the road in front of their home.   Many of the larger boulders were used in areas to add accents to the pond.  The huge boulder above marks the driveway entrance and the inlet to the pond where water is fed from the farms' irrigation system.


For more information call 800-OK-LINER today!



For more information, call 800-OK-LINER today!

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