Shanty Creek Resort

Wastewater Treatment Pond Liner


A growing Northern Michigan resort needed a new wastewater treatment system to handle increased usage by their expanding residential development, but the soils at the new treatment plant site would not provide the low permeability required for this application.


Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire, MI retained Progressive Architects Engineers and Planners, Inc. who specified 40 mil PVC geomembrane to provide the protection needed to eliminate any ground water contamination.

Manthei Development of Charlevoix, MI contracted with EPI to fabricate and install 52,900 square feet of 40 mil PVC liner in the primary pond and 60,438 square feet of 40 mil PVC in the secondary pond. 40 mil PVC was fabricated into large custom built panels to fit each pond exactly and to minimize the length of field seams required.

Six panels were installed in the secondary pond on the first day. Field seams were constructed using chemical fusion welding and all field seams were air lance tested to insure continuity of every inch of seam. Destructive samples were removed for laboratory testing at the rate of one per every 500 lineal feet of field seam. The PVC geomembrane was sealed around inlet and outlet pipes using PVC pipe boots.

The ponds were designed with 3/1 slopes and the pond liner was covered with 12" of sand by Manthei Development. Four panels were installed in the primary pond on the second day. All installation and testing was performed by EPI personnel.

The covered PVC geomembrane in these ponds will provide years of leak free, maintenance free protection of natural beauty of the Shanty Creek Resort.



waste water treatment pond liners

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