Tank Liners

Geomembrane Tank Lining Solution

Geomembranes can be custom fabricated in the factory into specialized tank liners. Tank liners are typically made in two styles, “bucket liners” and “flat sheet liners”. Both styles work to create a watertight seal inside a framed tank system, and once installed, require minimal maintenance. We have the technology to create liners to hold a variety of materials, such as water, sludge, fuels, and more.

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Geomembrane Bucket Tank Liners

“Bucket liners” are a style of tank liner that are custom-fabricated in the shape of a cylinder with a round bottom and vertical sides to perfectly fit the tank. They come in one piece to make installation efficient and so they function seamlessly. We can create drop-in liners to hold any material. They can be added to a variety of tanks, including concrete, steel, and wood. 

Bucket tank liners can be used in the agriculture industry, for chemical containment, for rainwater collection, and more. 

Geomembrane Flat Sheet Liners

“Flat sheet liners” are less technically crafted and are made flat on the floor. When they’re installed, they fold inside the tank to fit like a coffee filter. They are used for many of the same purposes as bucket tank liners, such as chemical containment, rainwater collection, and in the agricultural industry

Common Tanks that Require Liners

  • Ponds
  • Steel Tanks
  • Concrete Tanks
  • Clean Water Wells
  • Lagoons

HDPE Tank Liner

HDPE tank liners are a great solution when you need UV and Ozone resistance for your tank, as well as chemical resistance. While HDPE geomembrane liners are typically used in landfills and wastewater treatment plants, they are also used as tank liners. Common HDPE tank liner applications include golf course ponds, wastewater treatment lagoons, and animal waste lagoons.

PVC Tank Liner

When you’re looking for a PVC tank liner, EPI can provide the best solution. To contain harsh chemicals and protect the environment, you need the proper containment system. Our PVC tank liners are a great solution for lining steel and concrete tanks because it’s a cost-effective way to contain water or waste.

PVC tank liners are a great way to extend the lifespan of your tank. Corrosion occurs when an acidic material starts to dissolve in your tank. If you don’t have the right tank liner, it won’t be durable enough to protect against corrosion. PVC is a great solution for this because it’s resistant to most industrial chemicals that would normally corrode your tank.

PVC liners for water tanks are a great solution as well because our tank liners are excellent in even the harshest weather conditions. They have long-term flexibility, resistance to corrosion, and protection against punctures, so no matter the application and surrounding conditions, you can be sure the liners are working how they should. 

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