Evaporation Ponds

The Best Evaporation Pond Lining Solutions

PVC liners are used in evaporation ponds in salt mining operations. Water is pumped through wells into and out of the underground salt formations bringing the brine solution to the surface, where the sun evaporates the water, leaving the salt for recovery. Evaporation ponds are a reasonably inexpensive option when it comes to extracting materials from water.

What Are Evaporation Ponds Used For?

Evaporation ponds are shallow ponds that have a plethora of applications to help extract substances like salt or waste from water. Though their primary application is to help separate salt from water, evaporation ponds can also be effectively used to remove hazardous waste from water and in mining applications to separate ore from water.

Benefits of Evaporation Pond Liners

Evaporation ponds are also commonly made of clay, but utilizing a PVC liner instead brings myriad benefits. The main strength is its resistance to water. PVC liners are also lighter weight than a clay liner, which means less cost for installation and transportation. Because of the nature of their material, clay liners are also more likely to be susceptible to leakage.

How Can EPI Help?

The ideal geomembranes for evaporation ponds are PVC liners. We can fit your custom-shaped evaporation pond with our pond liner welding machine. Our meticulous testing procedure will ensure the highest caliber, longest lasting and most durable evaporation pond liner for your needs.

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