EPI Gives Back to Local Public Servants & Military

"Hero’s are those who strive through life’s steep climb and never give up"

Here at EPI, we decided to give back to our local heroes.

July, 1st 2015 we had a cookout for Local Public Servants & Military members.

Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department  Station 1, Station 11 and station 12, Grand Traverse Police Department & Grand Traverse Emergency Services just to name a few came out for the free food.

These men and women do sacrifice a lot to provide us with freedom, peace of mind, and safety.

A simple thank you, can never cover everything they do!

Chief Park & Dan Rohe

Chief Parker & Dan Rohe


EPI Employee's Son Enjoying the Firetruck

Firemen & EMTs eating with EPI

Local Firefighters & EMTs enjoying the Food

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