Tony Knowles

As EPI’s PVC Line Lead, Tony Knowles main mission is to work with his line to build the best liners possible. Creating a positive, fun work environment for all of the members of his team is something he strives to do and exceeds at on a daily basis. Leading by taking responsibility to improve things instead of focusing on what is not being done is a quality Tony supersedes at. He always portrays a positive attitude, knowing that collective behavior and attitude play a substantial role in the work environment.  Overall, Tony knows that diligent work and dedication result in exceptional quality products, he takes an abundance of pride in his work.

After graduating from Mancelona High School, Tony started working for EPI as an installer. In the beginning of his career, he worked on several large installation jobs, gaining a great deal of experience. Accordingly, after 4 years, Tony was prepared to step in as the plant manager. Before we moved to our Traverse City location, he ran the plant in Mancelona for almost 10 years.

Tony still resides in Mancelona with his amazing 8-year-old son. Being a single father, he always makes sure to put aside time from work to spend with his boy. When he isn’t hard at work you can find the two of them kayaking, fishing, playing disc golf, or mudding. His son loves the company and all of Tony’s coworkers. EPI has exceeded past being just a job to Tony and a multitude of his colleagues. Working together to build high quality liners is a way of life for them and they all consider each other family.


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